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The first motivation for the creation of the IJA Endowment Fund in 2021 derives from the effects of Brazil's current political and economic moment. In a scenario marked by the scarcity of resources in circulation, the cultural and social market has been directly affected, which requires from us cultural institutions the implementation of strategies that seek long-term sustainability.

The creation of the IJA Endowment Fund in 2021 was based on three pillars:

1. Organized and specialized governance in the application of assets of the equity fund (in the financial, real estate, cultural market, etc.);

2. Organized and specialized governance in the area of operation of the institution for the effective application of the resources generated by the endowment;

3. Transparency in the dissemination of fund results and in the use of resources. Within the item "programmatic investments", four beacons coordinated our actions in these almost fifteen years of activities of the João Ayres Institute, which are: promotion of artistic making, dissemination of art and knowledge, defense of the rights of children and adolescents in situations of social vulnerability, research and development of alternative technologies.

All established actions were constructed always taking into account these guidelines.

Promote the strengthening and development of the Culture Economy

To be a reference institution to promote cultural and social actions in Brazil as a social promotion fund.


Social Fostering

The João Ayres Institute has a growing Heritage Fund that, in the future, will operate through its own equity that includes financial donations, assets, time, services, knowledge, social technologies, among others.

This Heritage Fund will be formed by continuous donations from companies, non-governmental organizations and individuals; and the income generated from it will be used to:

implement own programs;

support projects related to the cause;

operating costs.

To achieve its mission, the IJA Endowment Fund works by strengthening and investing, primarily through edicts, in organizations and leaders committed to the objectives of the João Ayres Institute.

A significant part of the donations made by the IJA Endowment Fund is concentrated in the Northeast region of the country.

The IJA Endowment Fund implements a philanthropic agenda based on ethical values, management effectiveness, transparency and social justice. Its performance can be presented in three major dimensions: social articulation, resource mobilization and programmatic investment.



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